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2015-11-27 'Dollarisation of Prices Illegal'
[Times of Zambia] President Edgar Lungu has said the dollarisation of prices is illegal and unjustifiable, hence it should be stopped with immediate effect.

2015-11-27 Magufuli Fever! Tanzania Scraps Government Christmas Cards to Save Cash
[Zambian Watchdog] Tanzanian officials will not be allowed to send out the usual government printed Christmas and New Year cards this year as part of belt-tightening measures by the new president.

2015-11-27 Kwacha Gains As Mines Buy Local Currency to Pay Off Retrenched Miners
[Zambian Watchdog] The Zambian Kwacha has continued appreciation against the USA Dollar due to mining companies buying the local currency to pay off thousands of pruned miners. This and last week, mines offloaded thousands of Zambian miners who they are still paying separation packages in local currency.

2015-11-27 PF's Only 'Achievement' in Western Province Is Arresting People Over Barotseland Agreement
[Zambian Watchdog] Sikongo MMD Member of Parliament Mundia Ndalamei has charged that the PF government has done nothing for the people of Western Province in the past four years apart from arresting them for merely reminding the government about the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

2015-11-27 I'm Winning in 2016, Declared Pres. Lungu
[Zambia Reports] PRESIDENT Lungu has declared that he will convincingly win next year's election.

2015-11-27 Govt Acts On Child Marriages
[Times of Zambia] President Edgar Lungu has said that the Government has constituted an 11-ministry consortium to spearhead the campaign against child marriages in the country.

2015-11-27 Govt Controls Spending
[Times of Zambia] President Edgar Lungu has suspended procurement of new road contracts and other infrastructure projects until the country moves out of the current economic challenges.

2015-11-26 Constitution Bill Narrowly Goes Through Second Reading
[Zambia Reports] The Constitution Bill has gone through narrowly by 106 Members of Parliament, a combination of PF and MMD, voting yes. Nearly all UPND MPs including a few from MMD and one PF voted against the bill to max 36 no votes. There were four absentees.

2015-11-27 Our Opposition Parties Are Agents of Doom
[Zambia Reports] I have been critical on the behaviour or rather the conduct of opposition parties especially the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema. Not because I hate them but because I base my opinion on what I see and observe. People have accused me of being one sided and only critical to the opposition. We have an opposition which behave like agents of Doom-I am not going to just watch.

2015-11-27 Zambia's Inflation Nears 20 Percent in November
[Zambia Reports] ZAMBIA'S inflation is 0.5 percent less the 20% ceiling after dropped further to 19.5 percent in November from 14.3 percent recorded last month. The increase has been attributed to the sharp rise in both food and non-food items.

2015-11-27 Ending Child Marriage - What Difference Can a Summit Make?
[IPS] Lusaka -The long-awaited African Girls' Summit on Ending Child Marriage is here.

2015-11-27 Mwanza Rubbishes Lungu's So Called Austerity Measures
[Zambian Watchdog] Today President Edgar Lungu called a press briefing were he was expected to give practical solutions to the economic crisis the PF has plunged the nation in. Instead the President used the occasion to cause further suffering on the already bleeding masses by directing ERB and ZESCO to increase fuel prices and electricity tariffs respectively.

2015-11-27 No National Airline, No New Foreign Missions, Less Foreign Trips - Pres Lungu
[Zambia Reports] President Edgar Lungu has announced tough austerity measures following the economic crisis that has hit the country.

2015-11-27 Empower Women, Says Zambia's Ex-First Lady
[The Star] Women hold the key to Africa's development from agriculture to technology and entrepreneurship, Zambia's former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa said yesterday.

2015-11-27 Badminton Team in Lusaka Champs
[Botswana Daily News] Gaborone -A team of two Badminton players will be competing at the 2015 Zambia International Badminton Championships in Lusaka.

2015-11-25 'Even Ministers Not Paid November Salaries'
[Zambian Watchdog] Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has confirmed that civil servants have not yet been paid their November salaries'

2015-11-26 Zambia's 2016 Economic Growth Seen Below 4 Percent - World Bank
[Leadership] Zambia's economic growth will fall below four per cent in 2016 due to a combination of domestic and international pressures, the World Bank said on Thursday.

2015-11-26 Investment in Roads, Infrastructure Development for Zambezi Region
[New Era] Bukalo, which until 2013 was a sleepy village 40 kilometres east of Katima Mulilo, has been injected with N$8 million investment in infrastructure development as well as with an additional N$15 million to have a village council in the area.

2015-11-26 Zambeef Suffers Huge Losses Due to Depreciation of Kwacha
[Zambian Watchdog] Zambeef Products PLC on Wednesday reported a widened pretax loss in its recently-ended financial year as it suffered from the depreciation of the Zambian kwacha, but said it is working to reduce debt in US dollar terms so it will be less susceptible to exchange losses in the future.

2015-11-26 Exposed - Fred M'membe's Real Identity
[Zambia Reports] Documentary evidence has finally been unearthed that suggests that the Post Newspapers Limited Managing Director Fred M'membe is not whom he says he is.

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