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2015-08-31 Sweden's We Effect and FAO to Support Small-Scale Forest and Farm Producers
[FAO] Stockholm/Rome -FAO and the Swedish-based development cooperation organization We Effect have agreed to work together to strengthen small-scale forest and farm producers' organizations in developing countries so they can access land and markets and improve the livelihoods of their members.

2015-08-31 Stop Political Yapping
[Times of Zambia] Anything coming from the Office of the President and the Government can be politicised with gross distortions deliberately meant to damage the image of these two institutions.

2015-08-31 Nyango - Long Journey to a Resting Place of Namibian Heroes
[New Era] Nyango -The area of Nyango located in the Kaoma district some 400 kilometres west of Lusaka is rich in history and is likely to get a new lease of life in the near future from the Namibian government, due to the sentimental value the area holds as Nyango hosted countless Namibian refugees that fled their country in fear of persecution during the struggle for independence.

2015-08-31 President Lungu Donates to Kasisi Orphanage
[Zambia Reports] Republican President Edgar Lungu has donated part of the proceeds from the Zambia Golf Union tournament held at State House this morning to Lusaka's Kasisi Orphanage.

2015-08-31 Councillor Questions Strength of Road in Floodplains
[New Era] Kabbe Constituency Councillor Raphael Mbala, who doubles as chairperson of the Zambezi Regional Council, is in doubt whether the road currently being constructed in the eastern Zambezi floodplains would be able to withstand floods.

2015-08-31 Namibian Social Protection System Impresses Zambia's VP
[New Era] Lusaka -The Vice-President of Zambia Inonge Wina has praised Namibia's social protection system, saying that Zambia could learn from its neighbour.

2015-08-31 Hichilema Shares Rare Moment With His Son
[Zambia Reports] Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has shared a rare glimpse into his personal life posting a picture with his wife and last born son Chikonka after returning from what he terms a "marathon countrywide tour".

2015-08-31 Kabimba and the Politics of Morals
[Zambia Reports] In August 2013, Wynter Kabimba - then as the 'all powerful' PF Secretary General and Justice Minister - told Zambians there were no morals in politics and vehemently defended the Patriotic Front government's poaching of opposition Members of Parliament who were enticed with appointments as deputy ministers.

2015-08-31 Zambia's Road Network Getting Facelift
[Zambia Reports] Zambia's road network has received a major facelift and seen here is the Mongu-Kalabo road which is one of the many projects under President Edgar Lungu.

2015-08-31 Mahachi Is Right - Chaotic Funeral (Part 1)
[Times of Zambia] If truth be told, Morgan Mahachi was not really doing his wife's funeral unique and unusual style just for the sake of being stubborn or troublesome. It appears he had a bone to chew with society. He seemed to be unhappy with many of the funeral rites and rituals as we did them and had set himself on a war path with 'tradition'!

2015-08-31 Adopting Foreign Accent!
[Times of Zambia] For some time, concerns of poor broadcasting have been raised, the latest one being when a presenter who was interviewing a Western African switched to that accent coming up with something that can only be described as comical.

2015-08-31 Zambia Fashion Week Countdown
[Times of Zambia] September is here and with it comes the weather heat and the countdown heat to the local Fashion industry's main event; Zambia Fashion Week.

2015-08-31 Non Verbal Communication
[Times of Zambia] Through a close friend, I came to know a Zambian of Asian origin called Veejay. Veejay, at the time I was acquainted with him, had one child that was in upper primary school.

2015-08-31 HIV Overshadows Women's Health
[Times of Zambia] On 26 August 2015 Gender Links sent me the following article: The health agenda in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) since the adoption of the Protocol on Gender and Development in 2008 has been largely overshadowed by HIV and AIDS.

2015-08-31 Consistency Is Key
[Times of Zambia] Athletes are always on the lookout for an easier way to achieve their goals to win that elusive trophy that every sportsperson desperately wants.

2015-08-31 'Raid on Illicit Lusaka Alcohol Traders Timely'
[Times of Zambia] Some Lusaka residents have expressed happiness at Police's raid of all illegal alcohol vendors at Simoson building and Stanley Bar in Lusaka.

2015-08-31 Yengwe Ward Gets Facelift
[Times of Zambia] Yengwe ward in Ndola Central Constituency has embarked on rehabilitating drainages in Northrise residential area in Ndola.

2015-08-31 Ndola Public Library Reopens
[Times of Zambia] The Ndola public library which was closed for over a year for rehabilitation works has now been opened to the public after refurbishing the facility at a cost of K200,000.

2015-08-31 Tujilijili Resurface
[Times of Zambia] The banned highly intoxicating illicit alcohol packed in sachets popularly known as Tujilijili have resurfaced on the market and is on high demand, especially in Lusaka's Misisi Township.

2015-08-31 'Consider Renting Out Haunted House'
[Times of Zambia] A fully packed Chelston local court has heard that a house that has been vacant for six years might be haunted.

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