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2015-08-01 Opposition Is Welcome to Visit State House, Says Veep
[Zambia Reports] Ms. Wina who was speaking during a Patriotic Front (PF) rally at Katanshya Primary School in Samfya District in Luapula Province said some Members of Parliament (MP) in the opposition party shun visiting state house adding that development is for every Zambian, according to a report by ZANIS.

2015-08-01 Unions Threaten Strikes If CBU Lecturers Fired
[Zambia Reports] THE Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia has warned that it will hold mass nationwide demonstrations if the government fires unionised Copperbelt University employees who are protesting against management.

2015-08-01 Gbm Is a 'Politicalpreneur'
[Zambia Reports] The speaker of Zambia's parliament my have 'tossed' Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) out of the house but the burly businessman knows that the loss of his seat is merely a temporary setback.

2015-08-01 Matibini Reprimands Radio Phoenix
[Zambia Reports] Parliament's sensitivity to the recommended upward improvement of emoluments surfaced again with Speaker of the National Assembly reprimanding Radio Phoenix for misrepresenting parliamentary proceedings.

2015-08-01 Laz Agree With Speaker On GBM Expulsion
[Zambia Reports] The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini did not err when he declared the Kasama Central Parliamentary seat which was held by Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba vacant.

2015-08-01 Hichilema to Mwamba - "You're the Reason I'm Not President"
[Zambia Reports] There was side drama at the Coronation and Installation of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II when United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema accused Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba of being the reason he didn't win the last Presidential By-election.

2015-07-31 Lusaka Council in More Land Scandals
[Zambia Reports] Libala land also illegally sold

2015-07-31 23 Babies Born With HIV Daily Says UNAIDS
[Key Correspondents] UNAIDS' Zambia country director says that despite good progress made in responding to HIV in the last ten years, Zambia is ranked tenth globally for the highest number of people living with HIV.

2015-07-31 July Inflation At 7.1
[Zambia Reports] The annual rate of inflation for the month of July 2015 has remained static at 7.1% as recorded in June 2015.

2015-07-31 Kabanana Gets Its First Clinic
[Zambia Reports] RESIDENTS of Kabanana site-and-service in Lusaka's Mandevu constituency are happy that Government has finally built a clinic.

2015-07-31 Mahtani Orders UPND to Expel GBM
[Zambia Reports] The multi-millionaire banker Rajan Mahtani has allegedly issued an ultimatum to the United Party for National Development (UPND) that they must part ways with their newly appointed Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) if they want to receive campaign funding from him, a well placed source tells Zambia Reports.

2015-07-31 M'membe, Kabimba Launch Campaign to Sabotage Pres Lungu's Regime
[Zambia Reports] A HIGHLY orchestrated scheme to vilify and undermine the Zambian Government through negative propaganda has been launched.

2015-07-31 U.S. Military Mobile Hospital Arrives in Zambia
[Zambia Reports] A massive US military mobile hospital arrived in Zambia today with Ambassador Eric Schultz describing it as a miles in the two country's bilateral relationship.

2015-07-30 Lawyers Urge Lungu to Sign Arbitration Papers On Barotseland
[Zambian Watchdog] International lawyers representing the Barotseland National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) have written to President Lungu challenging him to sign the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) documents to allow for a peaceful resolution of the Barotseland impasse.

2015-07-31 Saccord Says Everything Under PF Is Wrong
[Zambian Watchdog] Press Statement

2015-07-31 Veep Inonge in Luapula
[Zambia Reports] VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has arrived in Luapula Province for a two-day tour of duty.

2015-07-31 How Much Does It Cost to Buy the Zambian Presidency?
[Zambia Reports] There is always a debate on the role of money in politics and similarly how the wealthy or rich politicians impact the political platforms. Politicians who are rich always find it easy to spend or mobilise resources for campaigns. They also attract useful cadres or supporters who are merely interested in pecuniary benefits and not moved by the deep sense of royalty or any conviction in party ideologies.

2015-07-31 Supreme Court Nullifies the Election of Mucheleka As MP for Lubansenshi
[Zambian Watchdog] The Supreme Court has nullified the election of Patrick Mucheleka as Lubansenshi independent member of parliament.

2015-07-31 Cartel Targets Judiciary
[Zambia Reports] Zambia's inafmous cartel that has mastered the art of manipulating presidents and almost hijacked State power during the reign of former president Michael Sata has continued to dent the country's judicial system by undermining the verdicts of the courts.

2015-07-31 FQM Kalumbila Mine On Fire
[Zambian Watchdog] Happening right now, FQM Kalumbila Mining plant on fire. Safety standards are very poor at the mine coupled with poor working conditions and wages for workers

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