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2016-08-27 Govt, South Africa in Trade Dispute?
[Zimbabwe Independent] The current dispute between South Africa and Zimbabwe relating to the latter's import restrictions on groceries and other products such as building materials underlines the importance of a vibrant dispute resolution system in trade relations.

2016-08-27 Govt's Growth Targets Pie in the Sky
[Zimbabwe Independent] GOVERNMENT's economic projections of an average of 6,6% GDP growth rate between this year and 2018 buoyed by agriculture and manufacturing is nothing but pie in the sky as macro-economic fundamentals and other indicators show otherwise.

2016-08-27 Sexual Abuse - The Untold Story of the Liberation War
[Zimbabwe Independent] IT is night in the late 1970s. Some senior comrades fighting the Rhodesian army during the war of independence arrive at one of the liberation camps in Mozambique sparking joy and jubilation among the fighters in the camp.

2016-08-27 Beitbridge Hard Hit By Hotel Closures
[Zimbabwe Independent] THE closure of the Rainbow Tourism Group's Beitbridge Hotel and African Sun's Express Hotel in Beitbridge has had a negative impact on the development of the town, businessdigest has learnt.

2016-08-27 President Leaves for Ticad
[The Herald] President Mugabe has left for Nairobi, Kenya where he will join more than 35 African Heads of State and Government attending the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit.

2016-08-27 Zimasco - the Inside Story of Daring Corporate Banditry
[Zimbabwe Independent] ON one chilly morning in July last year, three men walked into Zimasco's Harare offices. They wanted to see the man in charge and had a business proposal.

2016-08-27 Reforms Critical for Nation's Recovery
[Zimbabwe Independent] WHILE the cash-strapped government urgently needs a rescue package through the Lima debt and arrears clearance strategy to salvage the fast-declining economy, doing so without political and economic reforms will not help much.

2016-08-27 Eighty Years On - Is 2016 the New 1936?
[Zimbabwe Independent] Times are very hard in most developed countries for the old working class, who have been left behind by globalisation and that is where most of the support for right-wing extremism comes from. But there really aren't enough of them to take over the state: Trump will not win in November, the National Front will not win next year's French election, and the Brexiteers in Britain -- well, that remains to be seen.

2016-08-27 Dodgy Companies Get Money-Spinning Deals
[Zimbabwe Independent] MORE improprieties and shady backgrounds have emerged in Zimbabwe's energy power deals as it surfaced that virtually all companies that have been awarded tenders have been beneficiaries of corrupt deals with irregularities ranging from inflation of prices, awarding of contracts to companies with neither experience nor capacity and some to elements with criminal records which include fraud and drug trafficking.

2016-08-27 National Cricket Boss Bowled Out
[Zimbabwe Independent] Zimbabwe Cricket's (ZC) restructuring programme is set to claim the scalp of managing director Wilfred Mukondiwa, Independent Sport has been told.

2016-08-27 Command Agriculture Will Not Work
[Zimbabwe Independent] Just when you thought you had seen it all, you get this new animal on the street in Zimbabwe called "Command Agriculture". This Government has an amazing penchant for deciding on a course of action and then announcing it as if it was a new law and expecting the new programme or strategy to solve the problem.

2016-08-27 Lesaffre Injects U.S.$1 Million Into Gweru Yeast Plant
[Zimbabwe Independent] The country's sole yeast manufacturer, Lesaffre Zimbabwe says it will inject US$1 million in fresh capital and new equipment to raise production at its Gweru plant by 50%.

2016-08-27 National Transitional - Possibility of a Soft Landing?
[Zimbabwe Independent] Zimbabwe is a country in crisis, bereft of any capacity to reform neither politically nor economically. This is common cause for all Zimbabweans and a major reason for the citizens to protest increasingly loudly.

2016-08-27 Winds of Change Blowing
[Zimbabwe Independent] FOR many years, informed analysts and close observers of the Zimbabwe situation have claimed that when the economy collapses, that's when President Robert Mugabe's fossilised regime will fall and change will come in the process.

2016-08-27 Dairibord Pours $6 Million Into Expansion Projects
[Zimbabwe Independent] ZIMBABWE'S largest milk processor, Dairibord Zimbabwe Ltd (DZL), has embarked on a US$6 million expansion project which could double production capacity for its non-alcoholic malt beverage, Pfuko Maheu, and long life milk plants.

2016-08-27 Govt Should Consult Stakeholders On Way Forward
[Zimbabwe Independent] TODAY, opposition political parties under the National Electoral Reform Agenda banner will stage a mass protest to pressure President Robert Mugabe to implement electoral reforms. This comes as demonstrations which have become the order of the day in Zimbabwe over the last two months continue to gather pace.

2016-08-27 Productivity At the Workplace
[Zimbabwe Independent] ARE your employees productive at work? Many organisations have problems in ascertaining productivity levels of their employees and it is most probable that they are wasting resources, financially or otherwise paying unproductive labour. No matter what kind of products or services your business offers, it's important to measure employee productivity, and to measure it as accurately as possible. Peter Drucker, author and management expert had this to say: "If you can measure it, you can improve it."

2016-08-27 Ruling Party in Desperate Bid to Rewrite History
[Zimbabwe Independent] None other than war rookie Robert Mugabe benefited from Joice Mujuru, the trained cadre at Zhunda Camp. She will remain an inspiration in her own right well beyond those who glory in that which is accidentally bestowed by marriage certificates.

2016-08-27 Police Break Up Protest Despite Court Order
[Deutsche Welle] Police have fired tear gas at a crowd of opposition supporters amid an outbreak of violence in Harare. Clashes have broken out all over the city.

2016-08-27 Opposition Thugs Unleash Terror, Loot Shops - State Media
[The Herald] Freeman Razemba, Crime Reporter -Opposition parties' thugs under the banner National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) unleashed an orgy of violence in Harare yesterday, looting shops, burning properties, stoning cars and attacking innocent people. Police immediately arrested 67 hooligans mainly MDC-T and ZimPF supporters. The protesters also stoned police officers going about their duties and deflated a police vehicle.

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