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2014-10-30 Test of African Democracy - Burkina and Beyond
[allAfrica]Washington, DC -On Thursday the former soldier who seized power in Burkina Faso 27 years ago agreed to negotiate with opponents. The announcement was a response to massive popular demonstrations against President Blaise Compaore’s intention to extend his rule for another term. While most protesters were peaceful, violence left Parliament and other buildings in flames. Amid reports in the evening that the military had taken over in what amounted to another coup, social media celebrated that some soldiers had join

2014-10-31 Vice President's Lawyers Speak Out
[The Herald]Musunga and Associates law firm yesterday said it conducted its business professionally when it dealt with the case in which Vice President Joice Mujuru was involved in underhand dealings with Kenyan and Indian financiers who had invested in the Mujuru family-owned duty-free shops at the Harare International Airport.

2014-10-31 EU Lifts Trade Sanctions on Zim
[The Herald]The European Union yesterday announced the lifting of trade sanctions against Zimbabwe that will take effect tomorrow, but kept travel bans against President Mugabe and the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe which the Western bloc said would be reviewed in February next year.

2014-10-31 Politburo Sets Team to Probe Factionalism
[The Herald]THE zanu-pf Politburo yesterday resolved to set up a commission of inquiry to probe allegations of factionalism raised in a report presented by outgoing secretary for Women's Affairs Cde Oppah Muchinguri on the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe's recent provincial tours.

2014-10-31 President Urges Party to Follow Regulations
[The Herald]President Mugabe has implored Zanu-PF members to dump those whom they are fed up with together with their backers at the party's elective congress in December.

2014-10-31 VP Mujuru on the Ropes
[The Herald]Vice President Joice Mujuru's camp was left on the ropes yesterday after President Mugabe ripped into her backers for fanning factionalism and plotting to depose him.

2014-10-31 Grain Revolution - Finger Millet and Livelihood Transformation in Rural Zimbabwe
[Africa Research Institute]Food shortages are the root cause of poverty in Zimbabwe's Gutu district. Rainfall is generally low and erratic. In most places the soil is sandy and over-cultivated. High population density means that the vast majority of the district's 40,000 households are restricted to farming on small plots. By the mid-2000s the effect of an economic crisis on the government's agricultural budget and an over-reliance on growing maize, a crop that requires high rainfall, had drastically undermined food security in

2014-10-31 Zimbabwe Loses U.S.$6 Billion Tobacco Revenue
[New Zimbabwe]ZIMBABWE lost no less than $6 billion through the selling of unprocessed tobacco to external markets last year alone, a policy analyst Butler Tambo has revealed.

2014-10-31 Sibanda On Coals for Opposing Mugabe's 'Bedroom Coup
[New Zimbabwe]PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Thursday launched a scathing attack on war veterans' leader Jabulani Sibanda for attempting to block his wife's rise on the political ladder.

2014-10-31 EU, Zim Smoke Peace Pipe
[CAJ News]Harare -THE European Union has finally lifted economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, ending more than a decade of sour relations with Harare.

2014-10-31 Profiteering Fuelling High Import Bill - RBZ Boss
[New Zimbabwe]CENTRAL Bank governor John Mangudya on Thursday said the culture of profiteering by local businesses was fuelling imports as locals bid to avoid high prices on local products.

2014-10-31 Dump Mujuru At Congress, Says Mugabe
[New Zimbabwe]PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Thursday told Zanu PF members who are fed up with Vice-President Joice Mujuru to dump her together with her backers at the party's December elective congress.

2014-10-31 Mugabe Defends Embattled "Gamatox' Mutasa
[New Zimbabwe]PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Thursday tried to stick up for the embattled Zanu PF administration secretary, Didymus Mutasa, who has been singled out for fierce attack by the First Lady, Grace, for allegedly backing a plot to oust her husband from power.

2014-10-31 EU Lifts Economic Sanctions On Zimbabwe
[New Zimbabwe]THE European Union has lifted its 12-year suspension of direct financial aid to the government of Zimbabwe, imposed after allegations of rights abuses by President Robert Mugabe's administration, an EU official announced on Thursday.

2014-10-31 Commissioner Fights Vehicle Seizure
[The Herald]COMMISSIONER Emmanuel Chimwanda of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has filed a High Court application challenging the seizure of his service vehicle by armed police officers in Harare recently.

2014-10-31 Ex-Minister Matonga's Property Attached
[The Herald]Former Deputy Minister and Mhondoro-Ngezi legislator Cde Bright Matonga's property has been attached by the Deputy Sheriff for failing to settle debts.

2014-10-31 Harare Budget Proposal Sees No Tariff Hike
[The Herald]Harare City Council yesterday presented a $272,7 million budget proposal for next year without increasing tariffs, charges, fees and pledged to write off rates to consumers who had not been receiving water for the past four years.

2014-10-31 Tuku, Sulu Rekindle Romance in Kadoma
[The Herald]It is not every day that Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi and Suluman Chimbetu perform together in Kadoma but when they do it's a gig you don't want to miss.

2014-10-31 Dino Sues Prominent Lawyer
[The Herald]Rasta Kwasa musician Dino Mudondo yesterday approached the Harare Civil Court claiming $250 from a prominent lawyer for a queen bed cover set he took from his shop.

2014-10-31 Mine Threatens to Suspend Operations
[The Herald]Lusaka. -Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda recently announced the 2015 budget in which the government has come up with a new tax regime for the mining industry in Africa's second largest copper producer.

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