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2016-07-23 Child Hunger and Death Rising Due to Drought, Charity Says
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -Child hunger and deaths are rising in Zimbabwe due to the worst drought in two decades, with thousands facing starvation by the end of the year without additional aid, an international charity said on Thursday.

2016-07-23 Government Vows to Punish 'Traitorous and Treasonous'
[New Zimbabwe] STUNG by the war veterans' unprecedented and hard-hitting criticism of President Robert Mugabe this week, the government has hit back at the "traitorous" ex-fighters and vowed to punish those behind the "treasonous" development.

2016-07-23 Death Row Prisoner Goes Berserk
[The Herald] Masvingo a 39-Year-Old Chikombedzi Prisoner On Death Row for Murder, Caused a Stir At the Chiredzi Regional Court Last Week After He Refused to Stand Trial and Shouted Obscenities At the Presiding Regional Magistrate, Before Jumping Out of the Dock and Throwing a Chair That Narrowly Missed the Prosecutor's Head.

2016-07-23 Irrigation Schemes Will Boost Production - MPs
[The Herald] Elita Chikwati Agriculture Reporter The Brazil More Food for Africa Programme has the potential to boost agricultural production and ensure the country regains its status as the breadbasket of Africa, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development said recently.

2016-07-23 Pastor Evan Mawarire Is No Saint
[The Herald] To the world, Evan Mawarire is a hero who stands up to Government, an upright man who represents the downtrodden. His touching story is that he is an honest hardworking Zimbabwean who struggled to raise school fees for his two daughters, leading him into action under the #ThisFlag, Mugabe Must Go Now cam- paign.

2016-07-22 Mugabe's Nephew Minister Ordered Out of Parliament
[The Herald] Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister Patrick Zhuwao was yesterday ordered out of Parliament after he failed to respond to enquiries about his role in the engagement of a private consultancy firm for his ministry without going to tender.

2016-07-22 Govt to Take Over the Late Mujuru Linked Diamond Company
[New Zimbabwe] THE government will soon take over a diamond mine linked to the late General Solomon Mujuru, a cabinet minister has revealed.

2016-07-22 War Vets Fiercely Attack Mugabe
[Zimbabwe Independent] IN an unprecedented and daring move, war veterans yesterday came out guns blazing against President Robert Mugabe, describing him as a manipulative, self-centred and failed dictator who has betrayed the ideals of the liberation struggle creating an explosive confrontation amid rising social unrest.

2016-07-22 Vice President Mphoko Moving to $2 Million Mansion
[Zimbabwe Independent] PRESIDENT Phelekezela Mphoko will soon move out of the luxurious presidential suite at Rainbow Towers Hotel where he has been staying for the past 587 days under a storm of controversy as government nears completion of renovations at his US$2 million Highlands mansion in Harare.

2016-07-22 Revenge Porn Law Long Overdue
[The Herald] Revenge porn is a serious social and legal problem that could affect the majority of citizens including adolescents and teenagers who may find the publication of their explicit images or videos too much to bear, which could force them to commit suicide or go wild feeling that they have nothing to lose.

2016-07-22 School Head, Parents Cross Swords
[The Herald] The head of Chifamba High School in Mudzi is under fire from parents for allegedly misappropriating funds, harassment and periodically changing teachers' subject allocations among other issues.

2016-07-22 Opposition Blasts VP Mphoko for Protecting Fraud Accused
[New Zimbabwe] THE People's Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko for ordering the release of two Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) officials accused of defrauding the parastatal $1,3 million.

2016-07-22 Arrested National Roads Officials Close to VP Mphoko, First Lady
[Zimbabwe Independent] THE Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) officials, acting chief executive officer Engineer Moses Juma and non-executive director Davison Norupiri, who were unprocedurally released from police custody last week by Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko after being arrested for allegedly defrauding the parastatal of US$1,3 million are close associates of the vice-president and First Lady Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.

2016-07-22 $300 Debt Leaves Man Paralysed
[The Herald] A 28-year-old Harare man was left paralysed after his cousin allegedly stabbed him with a knife at the back of his neck and left it embedded for failing to pay back a $300 debt.

2016-07-22 Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Sued Over VP Appointments
[The Herald] MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday sued at the High Court by party members for violating the party's constitution when he appointed Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Engineer Elias Mudzuri to the vice presidency.

2016-07-22 Treason Suspects Further Remanded
[The Herald] Zimbabwe People's Front president Owen Kuchata and his three alleged accomplices who are facing charges of treason after they attempted to overthrow the Government through unconstitutional means were yesterday further remanded to August 4.

2016-07-22 Zion Christian Church Celebrates 40th Anniversary
[The Herald] Zion Christian Church (ZCC), one of the earliest African independent denominations, clocks 40 years this week under the stewardship of Dr Nehemiah Mutendi. The dynamic denomination, incepted in 1913, will commemorate the milestone from August 4 to 7 at Defe Dopota in Gokwe South. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are expected from across the country for the event which converges with the church's annual paschal celebrations.

2016-07-21 As Mugabe Fights for His Political Future, Why Is China So Silent?
[ISS] As Zimbabwe teeters on the brink of economic and political crisis, there's one voice that has been conspicuously silent: China. Despite the mutual professions of admiration and everlasting friendship, it seems that President Robert Mugabe has been abandoned by his Chinese counterpart in his hour of need.

2016-07-22 Malema, Lumumba Political Novice Sprinters
[The Herald] During his address to the people of Guinea on the one year anniversary of independence, the Pan African giant and first President of Guinea Ahmed Seku Ture correctly stated, "The moral personality of Africa, long denied through the medium of the most fantastic interpretations and grossest historical falsifications, barely precedes the growing manifestation of the African personality which the forces of conquest and domination can no longer reduce with impunity."

2016-07-22 Youths Hail President
[The Herald] Youths yesterday hailed Government's move to avail land for residential stands to them saying this demonstrated President Mugabe's commitment to empowerment programmes.

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