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I selected the ten books on this Ferris wheel above among Africa bestsellers at Amazon.com. For Amazon's latest Africa list, updated hourly, click here

This set above includes a few classic books I highly recommend, as well as a few on my "to read sometime" list. And, just for variety, a CD of songs by Oliver Mtukudzi.

Page last updated Sep 20, 2008
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Also see David Gisselquist's Points to Consider: Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, 2008. at
Powell's Books or Amazon)

In August 2008, the Black Aids Institute released a new report "Left Behind: Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS Epidemic." To download the report, visit
http://www.blackaids.org. For more background reading, check out the books above.

Thanks to Rae Hendriksz of the
Priority Africa Network in the San Francisco Bay Area for suggestions of African prison memoirs. I have added a few additional related books.