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May 24, 2017  Nigeria: Corruption Undercuts Boko Haram Fight
    "Nigeria's corrupt elites have profited from conflict; with oil prices at a record low, defence has provided new and lucrative opportunities for the country's corrupt kleptocrats. Former military chiefs have stolen as much as US $15 billion – a sum equivalent to half of Nigeria's foreign currency reserves – through fraudulent arms procurement deals." - new report on "Weaponizing Tranparency"

April 27, 2016  Nigeria: Shapes of Violence, 2
    "It has been two years since the world's deadliest terrorist organization – Boko Haram – abducted 271 girls from their high school in the town of Chibok – a tragedy that would shine much needed international attention on conflict in northeastern Nigeria. Sadly, the Chibok girls are only one part of a much larger story of violence against women and girls in the northeast. ... the needs of all those whom the Chibok girls symbolize – thousands upon thousands who have suffered gender-based violence at Boko Haram's hands – are being unaddressed." - Refugees International

April 27, 2016  Nigeria: Shapes of Violence, 1
    The realities of violence, whether in Nigeria, other African countries, or indeed in rich countries such as the United States as well, are often far more complicated than the stereotypes that often prevail among those observing them from a distance. Thus, violence in Nigeria is often simplistically characterized as "religious conflict" between Muslims and Christians. A new collection of empirical studies released this year by Nigeria Watch, based in Ibadan, Nigeria, provides a more complex perspective, documenting, for instance, that intra-Muslim conflict is more common that conflicts between Muslims and Christians, and that much of the conflict involving both Muslims and Christians is based on secular rather than religious motives.

September 14, 2015  West Africa: Tax Giveaway Follies
January 13, 2015  Nigeria: Elections/Security Disconnect
December 1, 2014  USA/Nigeria: Uneasy Alliance
June 9, 2014  Nigeria: Beyond the Hashtag Debates
April 7, 2014  Nigeria: Security Forces and Insecurity
March 25, 2014  Nigeria: Corruption & Its International Partners
February 26, 2014  Africa: Tracking Toxic Pollution
October 27, 2013  Nigeria: Cycle of Violence in Northeast
June 5, 2013  Nigeria: Counterproductive Counterterrorism
Apr 11, 2013  Nigeria: #Offshoreleaks
Nov   5, 2012  Nigeria: "Security" Forces Escalate Insecurity
Jun 20, 2012  USA/Africa: Reject "Terrorist" Designation for Boko Haram
Jun   1, 2012  USA/Africa: Rising Pressures for Militarization
Aug 12, 2011  Nigeria: Past Time for Oil Cleanup, 2
Aug 12, 2011  Nigeria: Past Time for Oil Cleanup, 1
Mar 18, 2011  Nigeria: Can Elections be Fair?
Dec 14, 2010  USA/Africa: Wikileaks Highlights, 1
Oct 19, 2010  Nigeria: Enabling Corporate Crime
Oct   3, 2010  South Africa: Media Matters
Jun   5, 2010  USA/Nigeria: By Way of Comparison
Mar   5, 2010  Nigeria: New Human Development Report
Mar   5, 2010  Nigeria: Reforming Shell?
Oct 29, 2009  Africa: Climate Change and Natural Resources
Jun 12, 2009  Nigeria: Delta Violence Past & Present
Jun 12, 2009  Nigeria: Midterm Results Disappoint
Apr 14, 2009  USA/Nigeria: Halliburton Fallout
Oct 31, 2008  USA/Nigeria: Chevron on Trial
Jul 16, 2008  Nigeria: Curse of the Black Gold
Feb 26, 2008  Nigeria: Prison System Report
Aug 14, 2007  Nigeria: AIDS Advice Available
Aug   1, 2007  USA/Africa: Questioning AFRICOM, 2
May 14, 2007  Nigeria: Fair and Square?
May 14, 2007  Nigeria: Election Aftermath
Aug 13, 2006  Nigeria: Swamps of Insurgency
Nov 13, 2005  Nigeria: Delta Oil & Human Rights
Oct 27, 2005  Nigeria: Debt Deal Views
Oct   3, 2005  Africa: Whose Energy Future?
Jan 26, 2005  Nigeria: Human Rights Report Released
Sep 22, 2004  Nigeria: Shari'a Manipulation
Dec 18, 2003  Nigeria: Oil and Violence

Recent Bulletins on Continent-Wide Issues

January 29, 2018  Africa/Global: Humanitarian Attention Deficits
January 15, 2018  Africa/Global: World Trends in Inequality
December 11, 2017  Africa/Global: Paradise Papers, Plus
November 13, 2017  Africa/Global: Counterproductive Counterterrorism
October 30, 2017  Africa/Global: Recent Books Read & Recommended
October 9, 2017  Africa/Global: Tobacco Industry Targets Africa Markets

AfricaFocus Bulletin Archive
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Africa Policy E-Journal (1995-2003)

2003-06-22 Nigeria: AIDS, Media, and Prof. Ransome-Kuti
2003-05-13 Nigeria: Civil Society on Elections
2003-05-02 Nigeria: Local Leadership on Women's Rights
2003-04-11 Nigeria: Elections Briefing Paper
2003-04-03 Nigeria: Elections, Oil, and Violence
2003-02-03 Nigeria: Political Violence & Elections
2003-02-03 Nigeria: Great Decisions 2003
2002-12-07 Nigeria: Defending Democracy
2002-10-29 Nigeria: Niger Delta Updates
2002-07-09 Nigeria: Oil, Poverty, and Rights, 1
2002-07-09 Nigeria: Oil, Poverty, and Rights, 2
2002-04-02 Nigeria: Sharia Update / Background
2002-01-07 Nigeria: Updates and Background, 2
2002-01-07 Nigeria: Updates and Background, 1
2001-11-21 Nigeria: Call for New Debt Deal
2001-10-26 Nigeria: Massacre in Benue State
2001-07-29 Nigeria: Shell Oil Spill
2000-08-21 Nigeria: This House has Fallen
2000-06-10 Nigeria: Debt, Loot and the Economy
2000-03-08 Nigeria: Obasanjo on Sharia Crisis
1999-12-23 Nigeria: Odi Massacre Statements
1999-06-13 Nigeria: Human Rights Letter
1999-06-13 Nigeria: Delta Crisis Reports
1999-04-19 Nigeria: Eizenstat Speech
1999-04-19 Nigeria: Letter to Obasanjo
1999-02-26 Nigeria: The Price of Oil
1999-02-18 Nigeria: Election Monitoring, 1
1999-02-18 Nigeria: Election Monitoring, 2
1998-12-30 Nigeria: Election Monitoring Report
1998-12-30 Nigeria: Delta Update
1998-12-07 Nigeria: Constitution-Making
1998-10-25 Nigeria: Media Monitor (excerpts)
1998-10-25 Nigeria: Links to Recent Documents
1998-08-10 Nigeria: Ogoni Press Release
1998-08-10 Nigeria: Amnesty Issue Brief
1998-06-28 Nigeria: After Abacha, 1
1998-06-28 Nigeria: After Abacha, 2
1998-05-29 Nigeria: Recent Documents
1998-05-02 Nigeria: Recent Developments
1998-04-07 Nigeria: Maryland Sanctions
1998-04-07 Nigeria: Union Statements
1998-03-05 Nigeria: Africa Fund on Sanctions
1998-03-05 Nigeria: APIC Update Alert
1998-01-19 Nigeria: Ogoni Repression Alert
1998-01-07 Nigeria: Civil Liberties Organization, 2
1998-01-07 Nigeria: Civil Liberties Organization, 1
1997-11-03 Nigeria: Labor Actions
1997-11-03 Nigeria: Recent Documents
1997-10-13 Nigeria: Recent US Actions
1997-08-18 Nigeria: Action Alerts
1997-06-26 Nigeria: U.S. Mayors Resolution
1997-06-12 Nigeria: US Policy
1997-06-12 Nigeria: St. Louis Actions
1997-05-28 Nigeria: Recent Documents
1997-05-15 Nigeria: Shell Protests, 1
1997-05-15 Nigeria: Shell Protests, 2
1997-04-26 Nigeria: Africa Fund Update
1997-04-08 Nigeria: Recent Documents
1997-04-08 Nigeria: WCC Ogoni Report
1997-01-02 Nigeria: Church Meeting, 2
1997-01-02 Nigeria: Church Meeting, 1
1996-11-30 Nigeria: APIC Background Paper
1996-11-08 Nigeria: Amnesty Int. Statement
1996-11-08 Nigeria: Sierra Club on Saro-Wiwa
1996-10-05 Nigeria: Recent Documents
1996-08-15 Nigeria: Free Beko Kuti Campaign
1996-07-15 Nigeria: ACAS Alert; R&W Video
1996-06-05 Nigeria: Statements on Assassination
1996-05-23 Nigeria: HRW Letter (Excerpts)
1996-04-18 Nigeria: United Democratic Front
1996-03-24 Nigeria: Sanctions Need New Push
1996-03-13 Nigeria: InterPress on US Policy
1996-02-08 Nigeria: Recent Documents
1995-12-30 Nigeria: Legislative Action Alert
1995-12-30 Nigeria: 30 Years is Enough!
1995-12-12 Nigeria: AI on New York Times Ad
1995-11-18 Nigeria: Selected Action Alerts
1995-11-18 Nigeria: US Senate Bill Introduced
1995-11-01 Nigeria: Death Sentence for Activists
1995-07-13 Nigeria: New Reports on Ogoni Crisis
1995-06-22 Nigeria: Government Opponents Feared in Danger
1995-06-11 Nigeria: Recent Documents, Part 2
1995-06-11 Nigeria: Recent Documents, Part 1
1995-05-10 Nigeria: Trade Unionists Targeted
1995-03-17 Nigeria: Obasanjo Arrested

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