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October 28, 2015  South Sudan: Hard-Hitting Report from African Union
    "Based on its inquiry, the Commission finds that there are reasonable grounds to believe that acts of murder, rape and sexual violence, torture and other inhumane acts of comparable gravity, outrages upon personal dignity, targeting of civilian objects and protected property, as well as other abuses, have been committed by both sides to the conflict."

March 4, 2014  South Sudan: Deadly Conflict Continues despite Ceasefire
    Both the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have just documented extensive killings of civilians as well as other abuses during the last two months of fighting in South Sudan. And incidents of violence are continuing despite a formal ceasefire agreed with regional negotiators. While negotiations as well as development of plans for more effective ceasefire monitoring continue, the prospectives for sustainable peace still seem remote. Meanwhile, international agencies and civil society continue efforts to reduce violence and address immediate humanitarian needs.

January 13, 2014  South Sudan: Reflections on Crisis
    Negotiations and fighting are both continuing this week in the conflict in South Sudan which erupted into open violence on December 15. It may be that coordinated international pressure will soon bring about a ceasefire. But both South Sudanese and foreign sources stress that any long-term solution must deal not only with the political competition between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar, who was dismissed at Vice President along with others in the Cabinet last July, but also with fundamental issues of the South Sudanese state.

Jan 30, 2012  Sudan/South Sudan: A Lose-Lose Scenario
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Jan 10, 2011  Sudan: Reflections, 3
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Oct 14, 2010  Sudan: Post-Referendum Issues
Apr 25, 2010  Sudan: No Easy Ways Ahead
Apr 25, 2010  Sudan: "Too Big to Fail?"
Oct 11, 2009  Sudan: Policy Debates and Dilemmas
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Oct 11, 2009  Sudan: African Union Panel Reports
Mar   9, 2009  Sudan: Into Uncharted Territory
May 30, 2008  Sudan: Abyei Aflame
Jul 19, 2005  Sudan: Peace Steps, Peace Gaps
Apr 27, 2005  Sudan: Promises and Plans
Jan 23, 2005  Sudan: United Nations Update
Nov 22, 2004  Sudan: Credibility Gap
Oct 24, 2004  Sudan: Peacekeeping without Peace?
Mar   6, 2004  Sudan: Peace, No Peace
Nov 28, 2003  Sudan: Oil and Rights Abuses

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Africa Policy E-Journal (1995-2003)

2003-10-08 Sudan: Peace Process Moves Ahead
2003-08-14 Sudan: Enough is Enough
2003-02-21 Sudan: Peace Process Update
2002-11-09 Sudan: Peace Process Update
2002-04-08 Sudan: Peace Process
2001-10-31 Sudan: Updates
2001-03-20 Sudan: Policy Proposals, 2
2001-03-20 Sudan: Policy Proposals, 1
2001-01-29 Sudan: Recent Documents
2000-07-24 Sudan: Kampala Declaration
2000-02-21 Sudan: Harker Report
1999-10-09 Sudan: Oil and War
1999-03-27 Sudan: Recent Documents
1999-03-04 Sudan: Dinka-Nuer Peace Conference
1998-11-27 Sudan: NGO Report
1998-07-23 Sudan: Famine and Human Rights
1998-06-02 Sudan: Food Emergency
1997-10-24 Sudan: Nuba Mountains Letter
1997-02-24 Sudan: Human Rights Watch Letter
1997-02-24 Sudan: News & Views, 23
1997-01-17 Sudan: Lawyers Committee Report
1997-01-16 Sudan: NGO Policy Paper
1996-06-05 Sudan: New HRW/Africa Report
1995-09-26 Sudan: Resource Guide (part 2)
1995-09-26 Sudan: Resource Guide (part 1)
1995-07-20 Sudan: Southern Sudan, Capacity Building
1995-06-08 Sudan: International Campaign for Peace in Sudan
1995-02-08 Sudan: Amnesty International Campaign

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