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November 27, 2017  Zimbabwe: After Mugabe, Looking Forward
    "While Zimbabweans understandably embraced military intervention because it led to the ouster of Mugabe and prevented his wife Grace from succeeding him, they must also embrace the fact that it comes with further, less palatable consequences. The episode demonstrated once again that the military is a critical arm of the state which has become the kingmaker in Zimbabwean politics." - Alex T. Magaisa

November 27, 2017  Zimbabwe: After Mugabe, Looking Back
    In Zimbabwe, celebration at the departure of Robert Mugabe from office after 37 years in power has been fervent and heartfelt. But almost all of those celebrating also acknowledge the difficulties of the months and years to come. Hope is tempered by recognition that the structures of kleptocratic and military rule remain in place.

July 15, 2016  Zimbabwe: #WageTheft
    "An astounding 80,000 Zimbabwe workers in formal employment--out of some 350,000 workers--did not receive wages and benefits on time in 2014, according to a new Solidarity Center report, 'Working Without Pay: Wage Theft in Zimbabwe,' released today in Harare." - Solidarity Center

July 15, 2016  Zimbabwe: #ThisFlag
July 23, 2013  Zimbabwe: Voters' Roll Follies
July 23, 2013  Zimbabwe: Slim Chances for Credible Elections
Feb 26, 2013  Zimbabwe: New Narrative on Land Reform, 2
Feb 26, 2013  Zimbabwe: New Narrative on Land Reform, 1
Jul   2, 2012  Zimbabwe: Diamonds Fund Parallel Government
Sep 12, 2011  Africa: Dead End for Diamond Monitoring?
Apr 14, 2011  Zimbabwe: Hard Road to Reform
Jan 26, 2011  Zimbabwe: Public Opinion Report
Jan 26, 2011  Zimbabwe: Not Ready for Elections
Dec 14, 2010  USA/Africa: Wikileaks Highlights, 2
Jun 18, 2010  Zimbabwe: Whose Diamonds?
Apr 18, 2010  Zimbabwe: Sanctions and Solidarity
Feb 16, 2010  Zimbabwe: Demystifying "Sanctions"
May 20, 2009  Zimbabwe: 100 Days Plus
Feb 10, 2009  Zimbabwe: Making a Bad Deal Work?
Jun 22, 2008  Africa: AfricaFocus Web Updates
Jun 14, 2008  Zimbabwe: African Leaders Speak Out
May 26 , 2008  Zimbabwe: "Democracy is Not a Privilege"
May 26, 2008  Zimbabwe: A Dream Deferred
Mar 31, 2008  Zimbabwe: Writing on the Wall
Sep 23, 2007  Zimbabwe: A Regional Solution?
Sep 23, 2007  Zimbabwe: Pan African Response
Jul   1, 2007  Zimbabwe: Call for SADC Action
Mar 26, 2007  Zimbabwe: The End of "Quiet Diplomacy"?
Dec 12, 2006  Zimbabwe: Symptoms of Decline
Aug   6, 2006  Zimbabwe: Displacement and Survival
Aug   6, 2006  Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies
Oct 18, 2005  Southern Africa: Food Emergency Shortfall
Jul 28, 2005  Zimbabwe: Housing Tsunami Continues
Apr 18, 2005  Zimbabwe: Election Fraud Report
Mar   2, 2005  Zimbabwe: Solidarity Newsletter
Aug 14, 2004  Zimbabwe: Test for African Responsibility
Dec 10, 2003  Zimbabwe: "We Are Still Here Ambuya"
Dec   7, 2003  Zimbabwe: Civil Society Voices

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