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Africa: Covid-19, New Africa-Specific Links

AfricaFocus Bulletin
April 2, 2020 (2020-04-02 )
(Reposted from sources cited below)

Editor's Note

This AfricaFocus Bulletin is very short, with no long articles, but only a selection of new links that I think very useful and important to share widely. Many of you have shared previous Bulletins, and I hope that you will also share this (and/or the links you find most useful).

Particularly notable is the leading role in Africa being played by the AfricaCDC ( and the global Solidarity Response Fund that has been set up by the United Nations (, which as of March 28 had raised over $112 million, which is still only a small fraction compared to the massive sums that will be needed. Make your contribution monthly if you can, since the World Health Organization and other organizations that are leading the fight need predictable funding for their planning.

Previous AfricaFocus Bulletins on Covid-19 and other issues are available at

++++++++++++++++++++++end editor's note+++++++++++++++++

Priority new links for updates

The most recent updates are available from the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (AfricaCDC).

Africa CDC updates are most accessible on Facebook and Twitter, as links to the website may be very slow. and

Periodic PDF briefs for downloading are available at The most recent newsletter was published on March 31.

BBC News featuring video FB live interview with Dr. John Nkengasong, director of Africa CDC – 30 minutes. Background on Dr. Nkengasong available at this link:

Also useful as a visualization tracking cases in Africa, from BBC – includes overview of cases and of timeline with graph for each country

For a much more detailed update and expert analysis of related issues of health equity, focused on East and Southern Africa, see this April 1 19-page brief from

Global solidarity

While the pandemic is currently peaking in the United States and Europe, the impact in Africa and other developing regions is still only beginning, and the potential is that it will be even worse.

See, for example, articles in the Washington Post and the New Humanitarian.

That is why the recently established UN Solidarity Response Fund is essential now.

If you are able to contribute, please do so now, and pass on this link as widely as possible:

A short selection of COVID-19 music videos – Bobi Wine, Uganda – 2 minutes – Jo Choneca, Mozambique – Tudo vai dar certo; Everything is gonna be all right – 4 minutes - Roedean School in Parktown, South Africa – 4 minutes – Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa – 8 minutes
     Manu Dibango died of COVID-19 on March 24, at age 86.

And one from Central America – Rubén Blades – Panamá

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