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USA/Africa: Bronx Fire Devastates Gambian Community

AfricaFocus Bulletin
January 19, 2022 (2022-01-19)
(Reposted from sources cited below)

Editor's Note

“This is the heart of the problem. If housing vulnerable people is an asset class – not a social good, or a human right – then generating returns for investors will always be in a zero-sum relationship with providing safe housing for those people. Landlords will always be in the middle; and when they’re taking sides, as they must in housing for profit, investors will always win.” - Annia Ciezadlo

New this year in AfricaFocus. See “AfricaFocus Plus” below for an update on new features (beyond this periodic Bulletin) that I am experimenting with.

The article by Annia Ciezadlo, writing in The Guardian about the Bronx fire that killed 19 people earlier this month, continues like this:

“When housing is a commodity, and making repairs is a cost – and like any cost, it needs to be minimized so that profit can be maximized – no law changes that basic fact,” says Henríquez [director of litigation at Legal Services of New York]. “Providing safe and decent habitable conditions for your tenants falls on the cost side of your balance sheet. And so that already creates an incentive to do as little as possible. To keep that cost as low as possible.”

Touray Tower in the Bronx, as the apartment building that burned was known in the neighborhood, and Trump Tower in Manhattan are in different asset classes of real estate. Yet another class, but only a walk away from Trump Tower, is the residence of Rick Gropper, the real estate developer who is the principal owner of the Camber Group that manages Touray Tower and sits on an advisory board for Mayor Eric Adams.

Mid-Manhattan is a preferred location for foreign investment in real estate often used for money laundering, while the real estate market in the Bronx and northern Manhattan focuses on “affordable housing” for working families in New York, where immigrant communities are often concentrated.

This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains a summary article on the Bronx fire from the Quartz Africa Weekly Brief, a publication I highly recommend.

But the best detailed coverage has been in the New York Times: for a search and for a compilation of PDFs shared on Google drive for AfricaFocus subscribers, click here.

Other sources I found helpful for this AfricaFocus Bulletin include:

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Victims of a 19-story building fire in New York were mostly from the Gambia

By Alexander Onukwue

Published January 11, 2022

An apartment building fire that killed at least 17 people in the Bronx borough of New York on Sunday (Jan. 9) has left members of the city’s Gambian community in shock.

Three children and two parents were from one family, the Dukurays, who lived on the top floor of the 19-story Twin Parks North West building. The fire was caused by a faulty space heater on the third floor, city officials said. Smoke traveled upstairs through a malfunctioning open doorway, making it difficult for many residents who left their apartments to escape.

Built in 1972 and praised as an affordable housing experiment, the building did not have a sprinkler system—a legal requirement—nor did it have outdoor fire escapes, according to the New York Times.

“This is very unfortunate, and I think I dare say that the majority of the victims apparently have their roots from Gambia,” Dawda Fadera, the Gambia’s ambassador to the US, said at a news conference held by New York City mayor Eric Adams. “Our country is currently in a state of shock.”

Bronx building was home to west African communities

A GoFundMe fundraiser by the Gambian Youth Organization, whose office is located close to Twin Parks, had an initial target of $200,000 but has passed $700,000 after at least 15,000 donations, at time of writing.

The outpouring of support shows the closeness of the community of Gambians within the Bronx. Immigration from the small west African country of 2 million people to the US became popular during the late 1980’s. They gravitate to existing tight-knit communities in cities like Chicago and New York, and form family ties around shared cultures like Gambian jollof rice on Ramadan nights, and regular worship at the neighborhood mosques.

“This building is the cornerstone for us in this community,” Haji Dukuray, a 61-year old relative of the deceased family of five, said of Twin Parks. The community also includes Malians, and people from other African countries.

Eric Adams promises an investigation

The Bronx fire is one of the first tests of leadership for Eric Adams, who visited Ghana for a spiritual retreat in December ahead of the start of his tenure on Jan. 1. A former police captain, he said the fire was one of New York’s deadliest in modern times and wants to know how it could have been prevented from becoming fatal.

Some of the problems with the Twin Parks building have begun to emerge in the wake of the incident.

Residents say the building’s doors are faulty, creating a situation where they stay open unless someone deliberately closes them. Also, space heaters are a fire risk because the building’s heating just wasn’t functioning well enough to keep residents warm. “If you don’t use a space heater then you use your oven,” a resident told the New York Post.

Adams said New York City laws required doors to close automatically, and fire marshals will investigate. He also wants to run public service announcements that, he says, should help people prevent future tragedies: “We’re going to double down on the closing the door PSA that I knew as a child, and we want other generations to understand that.”

For victims’ families, however, the feeling is a struggle between heartbreak, disbelief, and anxiety. Some residents are still missing, and the first step towards closure is for relatives to receive their bodies for immediate burial in accordance with Muslim rites.

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