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Note: This document is from the archive of the Africa Policy E-Journal, published by the Africa Policy Information Center (APIC) from 1995 to 2001 and by Africa Action from 2001 to 2003. APIC was merged into Africa Action in 2001. Please note that many outdated links in this archived document may not work.

Kenya: KHRI Draft Letter to Donors
Any links to other sites in this file from 1996 are not clickable,
given the difficulty in maintaining up-to-date links in old files.
However, we hope they may still provide leads for your research.
Kenya: KHRI Draft Letter to Donors
Date distributed (ymd): 960318

The Consultative Group of "donor countries" will be meeting to
discuss future aid commitments to Kenya in Paris on March 21-
22.  The Kenya Human Rights Initiative (KHRI), based at
Cornell University, is suggesting letters demanding that "aid
from any  nation will be contingent on clear and specific
evidence of progress toward an open democracy including
freedom for political prisoners Koigi wa Wamwere and Charles
Kuria Wamwere and G. G. Njuguna Ngengi.

KHRI has suggested draft letters to Kenyan President Moi, to
the Africa Subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representives,
and to donor delegates in Paris.  For texts of the first two
letters please contact KHRI at the address below.  Their
suggested draft letter to Paris Club delegations follows

Suggested Draft letter to donor delegates to the March 21-22
Kenya Consultative Group meeting

(Note: easy to use email addresses:) Mr. A. Pilegaard,
European Union Rep., ; Mr.
Barrie Ireton, United Kingdom Rep.;
; Mr. Geert Aagaard Andersen,
Rep. from Denmark, ; Mr. Glenn Slocum,
US Rep., ; Mr. Archie Book, Canadian Rep.,

March (__), 1996

Dear (select a delegate name from list - see below also)

In your capacity as the delegation representative from
___(name of nation)__ to the March 21-22 Kenya Consultative
Group meeting in Paris, I urge you to convey in the *strongest
of possible terms* the international concern regarding the
lack of progress in the areas of democratization, open
governance and human rights in Kenya since the July 24, 1995
meeting. In particular I feel that the unjust sentencing on
October 2, 1995 of Koigi wa Wamwere, Charles Kuria Wamwere,
and C. G. Njuguna Ngengi to four years in prison and six
"strokes" (lashes with a cane) is a powerful example of the
lack of sincerity by the Kenyan government in implementing
democratic processes such as a multiparty system, freedom of
speech, and freedom of the press.  The appeal for these three
political prisoners was lodged on December 7, 1995, listing 48
grounds of procedural injustices from the lower court trial.
As a result of the  divergence of policies of the Kenyan
government from essential principles of a truly open
democratic society, *any future aid* must be reconsidered
until specific benchmarks of progress such as justice in this
case are in evidence.

Mr. Wamwere is a former member of the Kenyan Parliament who is
well known for promoting freedom, human rights and democratic
reform in Kenya.  Mr. Wamwere has been imprisoned four times
before and has been held for long periods without trial.  In
this latest incident, the police contend that Mr. Wamwere
raided a police station for weapons.

Amnesty International and other respected legal and human
rights organizations maintain that the lower court charges
were fabricated and politically motivated. They conclude that
Mr. Wamwere and his co-defendants are being imprisoned solely
on the basis of their non-violent actions and beliefs as free
citizens of Kenya.

If Kenya is to continue making progress towards a multiparty
democracy, then it must be held accountable for providing a
just legal system for its citizens, including evidence of
legal benchmarks such as independence of the judiciary,
equitably applied due process, and access to legal
representation. Ensuring that Mr. Wamwere and his
co-defendants are accorded impartial justice and that their
fundamental human rights are respected will help to open the
door to increased democratization, including political and
economic reform for their country.

Most Kenya observers agree on the significance of this case --
that Koigi and his co-defendants have come to represent the
democracy movement and civil rights on trial in Kenya. The
link between the outcome of justice in this case and
international confidence in future democratic, political and
economic reforms is indisputable. As the New York Times
editorialized on Sunday January 31, 1996, "Past pressure from
aid donors has yielded salutary results." I urge you to use
conditions on aid once again to pressure Kenya toward
internationally accepted standards of justice and an open

In sum, I respectfully request that your delegation consider
highlighting the Koigi wa Wamwere case as an indicator, a
"litmus test", a barometer of broader democratization reforms
that must *continue to improve* for donor aid to continue.
Thank you for considering this request. If there are any
further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


Name & address


Head of Delegations to the March 21-22, 1996 Kenya Donor
Nation "Consultative Group" Meeting
- updated March 10, 1996 by KHRI -

Austria: Mr. Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, Ministry of Finance,
Vienna, Austria Fax: 43-15-139860

Belgium: Mr. Sonja Gerlo, Administrator General, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Rue de Brederode, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Tel
(32-2) 50 06 235  Fax (32-2) 50 06 585 (Also Mr. Baert
Misseeuw, Eastern Africa Desk, same Ph. & Fax) Mr. J.P.
Arnoldi, Auditor General, Ministry of Finance, Brussels,
Belgium, Fax (32-2) 23 37 083

Canada: Mr. Archie Book, Director of Operations, East Africa
Program, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), 200
Promenade du Portage 10th Floor, Hull, Quebec KIAOG4, Canada
Tel (819) 994-6204 Fax (819) 953-9453 e-mail: Ms. Carolyn Macaskie, VP for
Africa & Mid-East, (CIDA) Hull, Quebec KIAOG4, Canada, Fax
(819) 994-6174

China: Director, World Bank Dep't, Ministry of Finance
,Beijing China, Fax (86) 1 8511062

Denmark: Mr. Geert Aagaard Andersen, Head of East & West
Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA),
Copenhagen, Denmark, Tel(45-33) 92-03-78 Fax (45-33) 92-09-64
or (45-31) 540533, email:

Finland: Mr. Juhani Toivonen, Director, Division for Africa,
Department for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs (FINNIDA) Katajanokanlaituri 3, SF 00161 Helsinki,
Finland, Tel (358-0) 13 41 62 35 Fax: (358-0) 13 41 62 93 Ms.
Heidi Pihantie, Dir., Min. of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki,
Finland Fax: (358-0) 13 41 62 93

France: Mssr. Christophe Marchand, Ministere de L'Economie et
des Finances, Paris France  Fax: (33-1) 4004-27-16 Mrs. Sophie
Aubert, Ministere de Foreign Affairs, Sub-Direction of African
Affairs, Central Africa, Bureau 285, 37 Quai d'Orfay, 75007
Paris Cedex 12, France Tel(33-1) 4317-48-08, Fax: (33-1)
4317-49-88 (Also: Mrs. Catherine Trenque, Ministere de
Economie, 139 Rue de Bercy, 755752 Paris Cedex 12, France
Tel(33-1) 44 87 73 44, Fax: (33-1) 40 04 27 16 )

Germany: Dr. Friedrich Newmann-Damerau, Head East Africa
Division, Bunderministerium fur Wirtschaftliche
Zusammeenarbeit (BMZ), Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 114-116, D53 Bonn
1, Germany, Tel(49-228) 53 73 22 Fax(49-228) 53 52 40 or

Ireland:  Ms. Margaret Hennessy, Ass't. Secretary, Dep't of
Foreign Affairs, Dublin Ireland, Fax: 35-31-671-7149

Italy: Minister Alessio Carissimo, Coordinator for Sub Saharan
Africa, Directorate General for Development Cooperation,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Piazzale La Farnesina, 1, 00194
Roma, Italy, Tel (39-6)32 36 196 Fax (39-6)32 35 982

Japan: Mr Atsuo Nishihara, Exec. Dir. for Japan, The World
Bank, Washington, D.C., USA, Fax: (202) 522-1581 Mr. Osamu
Shiozaki, Minister, Embassy of Japan in Kenya, 15F ICEA Bldg.,
Kenyatta Ave., PO Box 60202, Nairobi, Kenya Tel (254)
2-3329558, Fax (254) 2-216530 (Also: Mr. Takeshi Kurihara,
Second Sec'y, Japanese Embassy in Paris, 7 Avenue Hoche, 75008
Paris France, Ph: 33-1-488-6244)

The Netherlands: Mr. Koos Richelle, Dir. Gen. Int'l. Coop.,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands, Fax:
(31-70) 348 6607 Mrs. W. A. van Aardenne, Senior Project
Officer, Central and East Africa Division, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Bezuidenhoutseweg #67, P.O. Box 20061, 2500 EB The
Hague, The Netherlands, Tel (31-70)34 85 173 Fax (31-70) 348
6607 (Also: Netherlands Embassy, 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, DC, 20016)

Sweden: Mrs. Marina Persson, International Development
Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rosenbaud 4, P.O. Box
16121, S-10323 Stockholm, Sweden, Tel (46-8) 40 55 636 Fax
(46-8) 723 1176 (Also: Ambassador Lars-Goran Engfeldt, Embassy
of Sweden, Nairobi, Kenya Tel (254-2) 229 042 or 229 043)

Switzerland: Mr. Rolf Gerber, Deputy Head of Africa Section,
Federal Office for Foreign Economic Affairs, 3003 Berne,
Switzerland, Tel (41-31) 3240822 Fax (41-31) 324-0966 email:

United Kingdom: Mr. Barrie Ireton, Undersecretary, African
Division, Overseas Development Administration (ODA), King
Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AH, Great Brittain, Tel (44171)
917-0468/0583 Fax (44171) 917-0652 email: (Also: Peter Landymore, P.O. Box
30465, Bruce House, Standard Street, Nairobi, Kenya,
254-2-335944 non-office hours 254-2-335955-9, Fax:

United States: Mr. Glenn Slocum, Dir., Office of East African
Affairs, Bureau for Africa, U.S. Agency for International
Development (USAID), room 2733A New State Building, 320 21st
St., N.W. Washington, D.C., 20523-0073, Tel(202) 647-8242 Fax
(202) 647-9805, email:

African Development Bank (AFDB): Mr. C.I. Fall,  Director,
Country Programs Department, 01 B.P. 1387, Abidjan 01, Ivory
Coast, Tel (225) 204-444; 320-711; 325-010 Fax 225-216545

Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA): Mr.
Ahmed Al-Wardi, Director General, (BADEA), Khartoum, Sudan
Republic, Fax: 970-22248

European Union:  Mr. Giovanni Livi, Director of East Africa,
(EU), Brussels, Belgium, Fax (32-2)299 287 Mr. Asger
Pilegaard, Head of East Africa Division, Rue de la Loi 200,
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium, Tel (32-2) 299-1111; Fax (32-2)299
2871 email:

European Investment Bank (EIB): Ms. Jaqueline Noel, Division
Chief, (EIB), Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Fax: 35-2-43-7704

World Bank: Mr. David White, Directorate for Operations,
Konrad Adenauer 100, L-2950 Luxembourg, Tel 352-43791, Fax

International Fund for Africultural Development (IFAD): Mr.
Mohiuddin Alamgir, Dir., (IFAD), Rome, Italy, Fax (39-6)50 43
463 Mr. Edward Heinemann, Project Controller, Africa II
Division, Project Management Department, Via del Serafico 107,
00142 Rome, Italy, Tel (39-6) 54 59 23 98 Fax (39-6)50 43 463
or 51 91 702

International Finance Corporation (IFC): Mr. Udayan Wagle,
Manager, Division 1, Washington DC, USA, Fax (202)676-9704

International Monetary Fund (IMF): Mr. Hiroyuki Hino,
Assistant Dir., Washington DC, USA, Fax (202)623-4131

OPEC Fund for International Development: Mr. Said Aissi,
Assistant Director General, Vienna Austria Fax: 43 1 513 9238

Organization For Economic Cooperation and Development: Mr.
James H. Michel, Devel. Aid Committee, Paris France Fax:
(33-1) 45 24 8500 Mr. George Hansen, Principal Administrator,
Aid Policies Review Division, 2 Rue Andrei-Pascal, 75775 Paris
Cedex 16 France, Tel(33-1) 45 24 90 47 Fax: (33-1) 45 24 16 23

The Saudi Fund For Development:  H.E. Shiek Mohammad
Al-Sugair, Economist, Technical Department, P.O. Box 1887,
1144 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tel (966-1) 464-0292, Fax (966-1)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Ms. Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf, Asst. Administrator, UNDP NY, NY, Fax (212)

Mr. Eric Kashambuzi, Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP, 1 UN
Plaza, N.Y., N.Y. 10017, Tel (212) 906-5920, Fax (212)
906-5830 or 5423  (Also: Mr. Fredrick Lyons, UNDP, P.O. Box
30218, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel (254-2)-213749, Fax (254-2) 331897)


The Kenya Human Rights Initiative (Ph. & Fax:607-255-9985) G18 Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
FREE KOIGI!  "Make Injustice Visible" -Mahatma Gandhi

Our internet Home page address is:

This material is being reposted for wider distribution by the
Africa Policy Information Center (APIC). APIC's primary
objective is to widen the policy debate in the United States
around African issues and the U.S. role in Africa, by
concentrating on providing accessible policy-relevant
information and analysis usable by a wide range of groups and
individuals. APIC is affiliated with the Washington Office on
Africa (WOA), a not-for-profit church, trade union and civil
rights group supported organization that works with Congress
on Africa-related legislation.


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